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How to use your Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile

Posted by Original Salt Lamps on

By Andrew Smith

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile

Originally harvested from the ancient mountains of Pakistan, Himalayan pink salt is considered to be some of the purest and cleanest salt in the world. Himalayan pink salt blocks can be heated or chilled to almost any temperature. We find they work great as a serving platter for cheese, homemade sushi, oysters and even desserts.

The great thing about these salt blocks is that they are so versatile. We recommend buying two blocks, one for serving and another for cooking. The heating process will cause the salt block to change colour and cracks will occur naturally. Also, the salt block will absorb the juices and cause colour changes. You should be able to get a few dozen uses out of your salt block once you have cooked with it, but there are rare cases where salt blocks have been known to crack with only a few uses. If this happens, you can simply break up the tile for use as bath salts or ground up to be used as a seasoning

When cooking with your salt block, it is not necessary to add seasonings or salt to the food before you cook it. In fact, besides being totally unique, the whole point of cooking with it, is to add a natural salty flavour to the food. The salt block will maintain its temperature for at least 20 minutes when heated properly. You can actually cook food table side after you heat, but you will need to protect your hands and table from the salt block. Use a silicone oven mitt and trivet.

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