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Looking after your Himalayan Salt Lamp

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By Andrew Smith

We get asked by our customers all the time "My salt lamp is leaking! What should I do? Is this normal??"

The answer is simply yes, it is normal. Your salt lamp will absorb moisture in the air and if it is left turned off for extended periods it will start to pool water and crystallize at the base of the lamp. It is important to love your lamp! Pay it some attention, look after it, keep it clean, damp-free, leave it on as much as you can (but not when you aren't home!). 

You can read more about some standard cleaning procedures on our salt lamp care tips page.

Our Himalayan Salt Lamps are a natural product, which means the salt colour, size and shape are never the same. This means you may receive a lamp that has some discolouring, or cracking, perhaps uneven lines through it. This is normal and definitely adds to the uniqueness of the product.

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