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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil, manufactured by Nature Pacific was first developed in Australia in 2004 by Stacey King and Banaban Islander, Ken Sigrah. The Banaban brand was established to market coconut oil cultivated by Ken Sigrah’s Banaban family back in Fiji.

Today the Banaban brand has over 90 innovative and world first coconut products, a beautiful state of the art HACCP facility on the Gold Coast and partnerships with leading Australian Universities into Food as Medicine research programs to scientifically prove the benefits of Banaban functional foods. 

The Fiji farm, home to Banaban Virgin Coconut Oil is over 1,500 acres and home to more than 800,000 coconut trees, producing over 1.5 million tonnes per annum. Banaban is also in joint ventures with farms in Sri Lanka and Vanuatu and prides itself on empowering communities throughout The Pacific and Asia and spreading the plight of The Banaban Story.