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Bowl Salt Lamps

Known for numerous environmental benefits, Himalayan salt lamps can be a perfect accessory for every interior decor. As this beautifully carved fire bowl salt lamp creates a fireside glow into the dull environment. The bowl salt lamp is finely handcrafted in circular shape containing pink salt chunks which give a unique style to the typical concept of crystal lamps.

Interior Decor with Bowl Salt Lamp

Today, the modern world of interior design is having the constant progression of innovations. The human instinct loves to experience beauty and uniqueness. Hence, people admire the contemporary designs and advancement in their lifestyle. Himalayan Decor International contributes well to enhance the look of your interior with trendy yet organic solutions. A bowl salt lamp is one of our salt products which is fashionable and innovative for adding an impression to your living or work space. Attractive bowl shape design of this Himalayan salt lamp really fascinates when the light of bulb illuminates the salt chunks. The soft orange glow passing through the salt chunks creates a beautiful outline around them and makes that area special where this amazing lamp is placed. Must go for this thematic and aesthetic environment whether need decor for your home or want to update your office ambiance. The bowl salt lamp is a handcrafted salt product made of real Himalayan salt derived from Khewra mines in Pakistan.

Amazing Health Benefits of Fire Bowl Salt Lamp

The pink salt is rich with minerals with a balanced composition of trace elements which is harvested from the Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan. As the design of the fire bowl salt lamp has a quality to suit both traditional and contemporary interior requirements; but also achieving a vigorous lifestyle through salt products leads towards remarkable Himalayan salt health benefits. A source of calming light and purification of air, the salt lamp enthusiasts the boring home ambiance. The hygroscopic nature of this natural ionizer promotes smooth breathing for asthma and other respiratory patients. Furthermore, the salt chunks into the bowl lamp are safe and in original form which can be used to dilute for sole water, bathtubs, therapy and granular for eating purpose. The soft pinkish to orange glow of Himalayan salt lamp is been used as color therapy for eyes relaxation. Negatively charged ions remove the effects of static electricity and harmful positive radiations. And the process of maintaining moisture in atmosphere stimulates brain health and increases concentration ability. Thus, it can be a great addition to meditation rooms and spas for well being.